HOOKED : A review of Yellow Hook Neckties

A few weeks ago, Rob from Yellow Hook Neckties contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of his new neckwear to see what I thought. I have known Rob, aka NewYorkIslander on StyleForum for many years. I was glad to try out something of his, as I really like his eclectic taste. 

In my package was 6 ties as seen above - 4 from the current collection of FW12 and 2 from the upcoming S13 collection. 

The first one I wore was the wool and cashmere houndstooth. I have a similar tie like this from Ralph Lauren Purple Label, but I prefer this one actually. The unlined 3 construction of this makes it really easy to tie a nice knot, something I hate about most woolen or winter fabric ties. 

Next up was the “Wooly Mammoth”, aptly named. A great, scratchy tweed with tons of color and depth. Admittedly, I wasnt keen on this one from seeing the pictures in his thread, but I really liked it more when I had it on. 

Third was the first look at something from Spring. The purple and white tweed is actually a silk from Tom Fords collections. Now, I really dont wear many Tom Ford ties because they tie tremendous knots. This one was unlined and tied a beautiful knot in a fabric that is extremely unique. The downside though (and perhaps its just me) is that I really didnt know what to pair with it. I wore it with pinstripes, but it probably wasnt the best choice. 

Next up was the plaid wool in an unlined 6. The perfect combination of mocha and ivory, this one filled a gap in my collection and is a really, really nice one. Definitely one of the top two in the batch for me. 

Last, was Rob’s #1 seller - the denim tweed in Woodhouse cloth. This tie is so great - a basic blue tie, yes, but the stitching is done with laser detail, the fabric is really interesting and textural, and it just felt right on. 

There was one more tie in the batch, a glossy silk (which I believe was also from the Tom Ford bolts, not sure though) which I did try and wear, but the silk was just wrong for an unlined version and would not properly. Rob tells me that he’s going to adjust that for production in the coming months. 

All in all, I was very pleased at the quality of the ties. Im no expert on construction, stitching, etc - I just know what I like and whats good. Yellow Hook Neckties hit both of those notes. My tie assortment includes the best names in the world that you could mention - Marinella, Kiton, Rubinacci, Capelli and the other Napoli suspects. StyleForum bred homegrown brands like Vanda and Panta, which I love as well. Fashion brands from Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and many others. Placed in my arsenal next to these, Yellow Hook Neckties most certainly holds their own. Im looking forward to having more of them in there. 

Rob can be reached at

The Yellow Hook thread on StyleForum is found here

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